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Scheme Time
TV1:The New World Exposition Museum, Shanghai Morning July 4th 2015
TV2:The Multi-functional Shaking Tables Lab of Tongji University Afternoon July 4th 2015

Technical Visit 1

The New World Exposition Museum


The New World Exposition Museum is a significant project of culture facility under construction in Shanghai, occupying 40000m2 of land. This project consists of 4 parts with various functions. The plan size of the overall museum is 180mx80m.


Structure Composition

The New World Exposition Museum are sequentially arranged office area, public exhibition area and comprehensive service area from north to South. The northern office area mainly includes the collection area, literature research center and administrative service area.






Function Office Exhibition Service Sightseeing
Height 21m 30m 30m 30m
Structure Concrete frame Steel frame Steel frame Steel grid

Technical Visit 2

Multi-functional Shaking Tables Lab of Tongji University


The Multi-Function Shaking Tables Lab is a part of National Key Laboratory for Disaster Reduction in Civil Engineering of China based at Jiading campus of Tongji University. This lab consists of 4 shaking tables all with size 6x4m, accommodated in two trenches with 70m and 30m in length.

Item Table A and D Table B and C
Table size 6m×4m
Specimen Mass at maximum acceleration 30ton 70ton
Degree of freedom in control longitudinal(X axis),lateral(Y axis), torsional
Stroke ±500mm (X axis、Y axis)
Velocity ±1000mm/s (X axis、Y axis)
Acceleration ±1.5g (X axis、Y axis)
Frequency of operation 0.1~50Hz
Overturning Moment 200ton∙m 400ton∙m


Specific working modes

  • All four tables are moveable within the first 70 meter trench and work as a large linear shaking table array. Tables can work in same way or with relative motion.
  • Two of these tables can be placed in the second 30meters trench and are moveable throughout its length. Four tables can work as a rectangular shaking table array. Multiple shaking tables can work in same way or with relative motion.
  • Two main tables (B,C table) can be combined into a large shaking table used as a single shaking table.

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